put the sword down merlin, you look ridiculous!

Hello sweety, I'm Nic, 20, from England. My blog tends to be Merlin, Sherlock, and Marvel. I also love Disney/Dreamworks, Chuck, Game of Thrones, Teen Wolf, The Musketeers and Being Human. I attempt at FanFic writing and the link can be found in my 'about me' page.
I adore and admire so many actors, artists, authors: their hard work, their dedication and how they continue to stay so humble.
T.Hiddy (still not over that)

I am Sherlocked, a Cumbercookie and a Merlinian.

Used to be 'Bridge-to-Camelot'

"If I ever watch back on the series in my old age as 'Old Morgan', I still think that the memories will still be as vivid as they were when I shot the scene.”


Merthur Graphic Meme - Bromance Scenes [1/3]

Something’s been upsetting you, hasn’t it? Maybe.


The fact that Merlin makes random shit up to mortify Arthur always kills me. 


The longer you watch the more childish they get

Thor - #12 asked by thorloptrs